According to the National Association of Realtors, “over 90% of the public searching for properties  are relying on the internet to locate homes for sale”.  This evolution in marketing has a significant impact on a seller’s property being located by interested buyers.  Many larger franchise companies continue to rely on “old school” marketing techniques like newspaper advertisements, exclusive- colored home magazines, and the local county home magazines.  These efforts are more to satisfy their seller’s appeal rather than streamline a more effective modern way of advertising.  Some of these franchises have adopted  the use of the internet through  standard real estate search engines like Google, Yahoo, and AOL.  However, these search engines have limited coverage and have restrictions to the consumer’s information base.

Sadler Real Estate has implemented one of the most reliable, high tech networks of syndicated partnerships around the world.  Through real estate search optimization, using IDX that inputs every listing in our brokerage to over 500 search engines (that extend beyond the most popular search engines), making our listings instantly available for consideration.  With smart phones and GPS technology, our listings are readily available with a touch of a button.  Instantly, electronic mapping puts our listings in the consumer’s hands.

No other real estate brokerage firm in the Midwest has a farther reaching network of syndicated partnerships of real estate search engines to maximize internet search optimization.